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Threesixnine are an Auckland, New Zealand-based creative digital agency. Brought together by the overarching philosophy that web design and social media does not need to be complicated to be successful, we believe that by simplifying the often cluttered digital world we can offer our clients superior results.

Threesixnine are your complete digital partner, offering a full suite of options including:

Everything begins with a strategy. Your digital ecosystem should be well mapped and well structured, with clear goals and targets. Starting is the hardest part, but with a little help, we can work with you to develop a long-term strategy that will drive your success.
A website is the centre-piece of your digital ecosystem, it must be beautiful, engaging and intuitive to capture your audience. Threesixnine offer a range of fully customisable website designs, as well as management solutions tailored to your needs.
With our own dedicated New Zealand based web hosting we are able to guarantee secure, fast and reliable hosting solutions to all our clients.
The saying goes that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, building on that, we offer a full visual experience to capture and engage your audience. Threesixnine’s visual capabilities encompass still photography, videography and aerial filming, all complimented by our in-house editing and post production.
In this fast paced world staying relevant and in the front of mind of your audience is imperative. By selecting the right social streams for your product and utilizing strategic content creation & management we help you keep up.
Reaching your community is half the battle, keeping them interested and engaged is another one all together. To help you win this battle we offer a comprehensive approach to digital advertising including Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords.
Great designs are timeless and visual communication is an essential part of attracting any audience, whether online or through print. From custom made infographics to print media templates, our team offers a wide array of graphic design options to suit any customer’s needs.
When managing your digital presence, it’s important that you don’t ignore what’s sitting right in front of you – the data. By analysing the most important sources of data, threesixnine can help you glean wisdom about your standing online.
To have one piece of slick design is nice, however to fully capture the attention of your audience you need to have a comprehensive and cohesive offering. By seamlessly moving from a laptop to a smartphone and even onto “old-fashioned” paper, threesixnine can help you offer your potential customers an all encompassing experience.

Threesixnine are a fantastic team of dedicated professionals, I have been thoroughly impressed by their work. 

Ryan Dixon - Ray White Remuera


Our philosophy is to engineer social engagement and increase profile via emotive, beautiful and functional design.


Responsive Layouts

As the world becomes more and more interconnected with our devices we believe that responsive design across all platforms and being constantly available to your audience will continue to grow in importance.

Beautiful Design

We believe in creating beautiful and uncluttered design. Sometimes in life it is the simplest things which are the most striking.

Fast Turnaround

Time is money. With this old adage in mind we strive to deliver sharp content in a sharp timeframe.

Targeted Innovation

In an ever changing space we are hungry to stay on the cutting edge, as a consequence of this our innovation will deliver you the required results.


We believe that our work speaks for itself, however you don’t have to just take our word for it.

Browse the portfolio of threesixnine’s most recent projects below and see for yourself.

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Jeffery Construction
Team Garry Singh
Team Vanessa Mowlem
Westgate Ridge
Simon Siddells


Some of the wonderful clients that we have had the pleasure of working with.



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