Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

The brand new trailer for probably the most hyped cinematic release of 2015 has just been released to the wild, and predictably it is causing quite a stir.

Star Wars is undoubtedly a pop culture phenomenon, however the prequel trilogy certainly received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, that being said the seventh instalment of the franchise seems to have reignited reignited public interest.

Nick Barclay Redesigns Some of the World’s Most Famous Logos


Australian graphic designer Nick Barclay presents a new series of posters depicting some of the world’s most famous logos in his distinctive minimalist style.

What was the motive behind the series? In his own words: “I wanted to see if logos are so ingrained in our psyche that I could break them down and simplify them and people would still know what they are just from the colours and shapes. The info on the top tells people when the company started and what the company slogan is“. Following on from that question, how many of these beautifully redesigned logos can you make out?

Nick Barclay: website // instagram

Terra Flamma by Stuart Palley

Terra Flamma 6

Terra Flamma by Stuart Palley

Over the past couple of years California has been battling severe wildfires due to hot & dry conditions and exacerbated by a lack of rainfall throughout the region. Photographer Stuart Palley has created a series named Terra Flamma to capture some of these fires on film. The long exposure photo’s of Terra Flamma are certainly breathtaking to look at, yet they also provide a stark and sobering reminder of the devastation that can be caused by Mother Nature.

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