How Time Flies

How Time Flies

Does it seem like each passing year is flying past quicker than the one before it? This interactive timeline, created by Austrian designer Maximilian Kiener, explains how your perception of time might be changing as you age, essentially making time seem that it is passing faster – giving birth to the saying “how time flies”.

The principal behind the timeline is that humans perceive time as being relative to the “absolute” – the longer you’re alive, the smaller percentage of your life each year becomes. This is shown by the fact that when you’re 7 years old, a year is 14.29% of your entire life. However when you’re 50, however, a year is only 1.43% of your life.

Based on a theory by French philosopher Paul Janet, the webpage lets you scroll to pass time and helps explains the concept in a clean, clever and relatively easy to understand way.

How Time Flies // Maximilian Kiener

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